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What We Do

Singer Equities offer much more than just quality products. We service customers who want to lower procurement costs, maximize their productivity, provide a safer work environment and manufacture safe and reliable products that are free from defects. Listed below are just some of the customized solutions available that can address those needs.

Please contact us to discuss any of these programs in detail and to determine which solutions may best fit your specific goals.

  • Hose Assembly Fabrication:
    • Hydraulic Hose
    • Industrial Hose
    • Composite Hose
    • Metal Hose
    • Specialty Hose
  • Hose Testing Capabilities to 50,000 P.S.I.
  • Testing to Hose Safety Institute Guidelines
  • Testing to Coast Guard Specifications (USCG Spec 154.500  & IAW NAVSEA S6430-AE-TED-010)
  • Automated high-speed cutter for rubber, plastic or Teflon® hose
  • Crimping from 1/16″ ID to 10″ ID
  • Swaging from 1″ ID to 10″ 1D (with DIXON 100 Ton Ram)
  • Hydraulic Hose crimpers 1/8″ through 2″ ID
  • Internal expansion capability for food and concrete hose
  • Conveyor Belt Installation & Tracking
  • Conveyor Belt Repair & Surveys
  • Metal Hose and Specialty Welding capabilities
  • Gasket fabrication including water jet and CNC capabilities
  • Industrial Supply General Contractor/MRO Supply
  • Band-It preformed and automated clamp machines
  • Label and bar code machines
  • ISO Certified Fabrication Shops
  • Eaton/Aeroquip Certified Fabrication EXPRESS Shops
  • Eaton/Aeroquip E-Cert Fabrication Center
  • UL Audited Goodyear/ContiTech STAR Hose Fabrication facilities
  • Ultraclean Projectile Hose Cleaning Kits
  • Custom OE Kitting
  • Mobile Hose Assembly
  • Tube Bending & Fabrication
  • Product & Safety Seminars
  • Data Tracking System

We want to answer any questions that you have on OnGuard and the OnGuard family of products. Please click below to fill out our contact us form or give us a call at 800 242 1670.