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OnGuard™ Hose Management Services include hose inventory management for both our MRO and OEM customers.  We help these customers manage their complex hose inventory with one of our custom designed programs that suit their needs.  A strong inventory management program will lead to fewer stock-outs and increased turns.  Upon request, we can provide hose assemblies or bulk components in special packaging. These kits will have customized labels that include customer specific part identification information. Maximize your productivity by reducing assembly time with color-coded bins, bar code labels and speedy delivery on re-orders.

  • Special labeling
  • Barcoding
  • Custom stock programs
  • Just in time shipments
  • Physical inventory counts
  • Inventory replenishment programs
  • Customized product bins

Custom Hose Kitting

We can provide custom Hose Kits of components and assemblies to your specification. These Hose Kits are essential in an OEM environment where rapid access to finished and bundled assemblies are critical to meet manufacturing schedules. We can stock these Hose Kits or stage them on your factory floor based on your production schedule. Kitting helps consolidate part numbers and reduces assembly time.
  • Gives you a unique competitive advantage
  • Special labeling, build sheets, sub-assemblies, packaging or any other requirements specific to your needs.
  • One part number for simplified inventory management
  • Just-in-time delivery to point of use
  • Reduced inventory dollars
  • Will help identify your hose products quickly
  • Barcoding streamlines inventory management
  • Metal hose tags provide information while being able to withstand harsh environments
  • Custom hose lay lines provide fast
  • Lean workflow
  • Labor savings for you

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